We Provide Everything You Need To Get Started As An Entrepreneur Today, Including:

Internet Marketing Training, Ground-Breaking Business Tools, Hands-on Personal Coaching and Consulting, Forex Training and much, much more.

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CEO & Founder of Unit of Prosperity


To this day, Reginald has accomplished the following:

  • Helped 30+ students retire and become full-time entrepreneurs.
  • Voted #1 internet marketer in the world in 2014.
  • Top 5 MLM Recruiting Machine.
  • Helped over 40,000+ students start their own digital franchises.
  • Featured on the front cover of home business magazines.


What Separates Unit of Prosperity from Other ‘Systems’

We provide members with ALL the tools and training they need to grow a business, such as:


You’ll get the guidance and instruction you need to overcome roadblocks and grow your business. You’ll also gain instant access to weekly workshops, done for you marketing campaigns, traffic generating strategies, an extreme coupon blueprint and more.

Marketing Tools

You get our blogging platform, lead capture page system, autoresponder, video marketing software and our mobile marketing software that allows you to do voice broadcasting and send texts for as low as 1 cent each.

Forex Training

We provide you with Forex training so even complete newbies can take advantage of this market’s profit producing potential. You also get our highly profitable Forex Signals app and our Forex Auto Trading System that allows you to trade Forex “hands free.”

E-Commerce Training

You’ll learn insider secrets for how to sell on eBay and Amazon profitably. We will also teach all about wholesaling, drop-shipping and Amazon FBA.

Personal Support

One of the great things about Unit of Prosperity is that you will become part of a larger community where you can get advice and motivation from experts and peers. You will no longer be on your own. You will have access to EVERYTHING you need to succeed!

Start Writing Your Own Success Story!

Let Unit of Prosperity provide you with the coaching, the information and the support you need to break out and take your business to a whole new level of success.

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We have successfully transformed LIVES GLOBALLY


Armando Arias, Colorado

Fatinma Walker, New York

Oksana Melnichuk, Florida

Ryan Brown, United Kingdon

Joshua Lifford, Tennessee

Telisa Marable, Tennessee

“Being a member of the Unit of Prosperity has been a huge blessing in many ways! The Unit of Prosperity offers priceless training and a tremendous marketing system with some incredibly valuable tools. The leadership of the founder of the Unit of Prosperity, Reginald Stinson, is second to none! My Unit of Prosperity membership has save me a vast amount of learning curve time and helped me dramatically increase my income.”

Bruce McElhaney

“I've been in the home-based business industry for years and never have I seen a system like this. The Unit of Prosperity Marketing system has everything that I need. It's equipped with the proper tools that will catapult my business to the next level. Tools that I didn't know could exist within a marketing system like an audio player that is comparable to soundcloud! I absolutely love the way the system seems to think for me. It's super easy to navigate through. I also love the fluid movement of navigation. It's an all inclusive, in high demand maximum supremacy machine! Best system out there, hands down!”

Tam Phillips

“The training and marketing system that Reginald created for the Unit of Prosperity has prepared us all to not only make our businesses thrive, it has taught us all the importance of branding ourselves as independent entities outside of the Unit of Prosperity. Reginald's unselfish ability to want all of us to achieve the same levels of success that he has, shows no bound. I am honored and humbled to call him my mentor, my business partner, and more importantly my friend.”

Kerry George

“The training provided by the Unit of Prosperity is no fluff, it is full of value. With the training provided I was able to learn marketing strategies that work, the Unit of Prosperity system is second to none; it has all the bells and whistles and to help you build a successful business and generate leads to build a business online.”

LaKeisha Hankins

“I strongly recommend that anyone that is serious about building their business and taking it to the next level get involved with The Unit Of Prosperity and the leadership of Mr. Stinson and his team.”

Don Phoebus

Start Writing Your Own Success Story!

Let Unit of Prosperity provide you with the coaching, the information and the support you need to break out and take your business to a whole new level of success.

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