Armando Arias is the Unit of Prosperity’s May 2018 Member of the Month. He was born in a small town in southern Colorado, yet currently resides in Denver. He has been married to his High School sweetheart for 16 years and they now have two beautiful children together.

Armando discovered at a young age that he had an entrepreneur spirit. Coming from a poor background, he watched his parents and grandparents work their entire lives only to live paycheck to paycheck. He knew he would be the one to break the family cycle of being poor.

Armando has been in the Home Based Business industry since 2008. He was part of a group early in 2008 that used the power of YouTube, MySpace, and other social media avenues to tell their story and recruit people into their business opportunities. Today they call it “My Story Marketing” and “Social Media Web 2.0 Marketing”. They were a few of the first online marketers to use this type of marketing. Armando spent nine years going from opportunity to opportunity. During the nine years, only a few people in the group experienced success.

Throughout the entire process, Armando dove deep into self-development. He learned how to market on all the popular social media sites, learned how to blog and became a master at WordPress. He even learned SEO, YouTube Marketing, and other techniques to expand the skill set that he offers the marketplace. Towards the last couple of years, he lost an interest in building online business opportunities due to seeing the same people promote a different opportunity with the same products and services.

Yet suddenly, the Bitcoin era began…

Armando began to learn more and more about crypto-currency and where it was headed. As he learned more about Bitcoin, he came across Forex trading. It was about a year ago when he was approached by one of his longtime internet marketing buddies who had joined a Forex company that was teaching people how to trade in the Forex markets. He took a look and was immediately hooked. He loved the idea of being able to buy or sell a currency and profit if you were right. He convinced himself that it would be easy. He quickly discovered that easy was not the word to describe Forex Trading.

As time went on Armando begin learning how to trade from all types of different traders. He tried many different strategies, however, he quickly found out that it was not as easy as everyone made it out to be. He began to understand that there was a “Language” and skill-set that needed to be learned in order to succeed in Forex Trading. Over the last year, he invested over $7K. Armando speaks to how he likes to use the word “invested” because he always thought of Forex Trading as being a business… However, he lost it all in the markets. Yes! He lost $7K in the markets! Trying different strategies, trying to trade like every other trader he came across led to losing $7K in the markets.

Most people would have quit… yet not Armando! He searched and searched until he found a very successful trader named Reginald Stinson.

Armando began watching Dr. Stinson’s Facebook post especially the videos on how he was trading in the Forex Markets successfully. Armando quickly learned in January 2018 that Dr. Stinson was launching Unit of Prosperity with the flagship product UOPFx on February 1, 2018. Armando joined UOPFx on February 1st at the lifetime rate and then a couple days later he messaged Dr. Stinson personally because he had posted that a UOP Founder position opened up. At that moment Armando became a UOP Founder.

Over the last couple of months, Armando applied himself to learn more from all the UOPFx experts, Leroy Phillips, Tracie Jackson, Manny Thomas, and Dr. Stinson. For the first time, he understood the true meaning of support and resistance. He discovered how to read and analyze a chart properly and how to draw trendlines. His eyes were opened to the true definition of “Structure” and how to spot divergence. Armando stated that his favorite discoveries are the use of RSI and Fibonacci!

Armando recently experienced his first $1000 day trading in the Forex Markets and now consistently averages around $200 to $400 per day. He mentioned that these numbers are taking place in his actual trading account, not a demo account.

(Disclaimer: These results are not typical. Past profits aren’t indicative of future gains. Trading is high risk and you could potentially lose your entire investment. Most traders don’t make any profits trading foreign currency.)

Armando Arias developed the skills to be a good Forex Trader and he continues to learn every day. Yet he said something that spoke to his success… “I’ve developed ‘my style’ of trading based off of what I have learned from all of the experts at UOPFx combined.  And for that, I will always be grateful!”

You can connect with Armando Arias at: