Ontarian Hawkins is Unit of Prosperity’s June 2018 Member of the Month. He was born and still resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He married the love of his life in October 2017 and is preparing to celebrate their one year anniversary.

As a child, Ontarian remembers how tight things were for his family financially and decided early on that his life would be different as an adult. He started his entrepreneurship journey in early 2000’s. While in college at the University of Tulsa, he remembers wondering if people really make money online. See Ontarian desired a life with time freedom. Controlling his time and having a lifestyle to choose and go as he pleases was his primary motivation. The 9 to 5 never made sense for Ontarian in the long run. After realizing that he wanted more, he dropped out of college and chased down success.

Ontarian started in the Network Marketing industry in 2008. Like many people seeking success in Network Marketing, he struggled at the beginning chasing people down to convince them to join him in business. Eventually, he decided to take a break and obtained his CDL license. He drove a truck all over the country. During this time he focused on learning everything he could about marketing. After a year of driving, Ontarian came back to the Network Marketing industry with a different approach, a marketing approach. He became a member of a mastermind where he learned more about marketing online and increased self-development.

Prior to joining Unit of Prosperity, Ontarian only knew simple little basics of trading and was looking for a funded proposal system that will continue to create the passive income that he is used to. He now has a clear understanding of how to set up a simple funded proposal. Funded proposal work all the time due to the psychology of the setup. Ontarian has always wanted to master trading which he is still learning and growing daily.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Ontarian to discover more about how he is continuously having success at Unit of Prosperity. Take a moment and catch it out here:


Connect with Ontarian Hawkins at http://www.prodigymarketingonline.com He has a free eBook for you there!