Ryan Brown is Unit of Prosperity’s July 2018 Member of the Month. He was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He married the love of his life in February 1995. They have two lovely kids aged 20 and 13. Ryan and his wife started selling products in a home-based business immediately after they were married. They worked the business before the internet was even around.

Ryan and his family moved to the UK for better work opportunities in 1999. Mrs. Brown is a stay at home mom, yet she wanted to help provide for the family as well. She started another home-based business in order to earn extra income. Soon, she asked Ryan to assist her with the start-up. This moment sparked the entrepreneur spirit in Ryan once again and became the beginning of their ongoing journey.

In September 2011, prior to people knowing how to sell and what to sell on the internet, the Brown’s started selling products on their e-commerce website. They then progressed to the different platforms including eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Big Commerce.

Things didn’t go as expected and eventually, Ryan had to look for other forms of income. He ventured into the Real Estate arena. It took time to really get started because there was not any real support or followup. He joined a real estate group with a mentor and begin to have success.

With a desire to help others, Ryan started a small group to guide others on how to make money passively from home. Since starting the group, Ryan helps many people in several areas of making income including Bitcoin, Amazon, coaching and more. He now able to use my past supposed failures to help others in the above areas.

Just after his real estate experience the first time around, he did a search for something else to provide an income. While searching one of the home-based business groups, he was introduced to Easy Cash Code. Though skeptical, he kept following Reginald as he was humble and a believer which resonated well with Ryan, because he is a believer as well.

Ryan listened to and followed Reginald, but didn’t really take action until he became a Founder of Unit of Prosperity in February 2018. He started going through the UOPFx course as a newbie, which is great as it especially caters for newbies to the industry. He has never done any forex training before and is learning each and every day. Ryan has already made some profit trading manually as well as on the Autotrader. I have only recently started promoting the program and had great success as the program allows you to earn while you learn. I look forward to learning and growing in the UOPFx program and in the future products which UOP are looking to launch.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Ryan to discover more about how he is continuously having success at Unit of Prosperity. Take a moment and catch it out here:


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