OUR Mission & Vision Statement

The mission of the Unit of Prosperity is to create the most dynamic versatile community of like-minded entrepreneurs in the industry of network marketing and direct sales.

We will help entrepreneurs develop essential skills such as proper financial planning to maintain wealth generated, personal development to blossom as a leader to become more influential and inspirational in order to reach the masses through a diverse use of marketing strategies so that we can effectively and efficiently convey our message internationally.

Our vision as an organization is to assist individuals in creating highly desirable incomes as entrepreneurs. In addition to that, we have a strong desire to create one thousand six figure income earners and 100 millionaires.

Internet marketing is the launching pad for us to branch into other areas of business such as real estate, small businesses, music industry, modeling, acting, etc. for those interested parties who’re open to other ideas outside of our network marketing arm.

As a unified community, we strive to focus on building people, over delivering on value and aiding entrepreneurs in designing the desired lifestyles they deserve.

The combination that helps you dominate


Meet The Founder


Reginald has become the “Hope Giver”. Compassionately training entrepreneurs from all over the world. Through his training style, he gives hope that you can have the lifestyle you desire on your own terms. Regardless where you come from, you can shape your own future, without limitations through the Network Marketing Industry. As Reginald Stinson continues to excel in entrepreneurship, significant mentorship of others has spilled over into another aspect of service.

His tenacity and passion for others has become a ministry. He incorporates his passion for God and Faith at the forefront of all his business practices. He has served has an integral part of the Media Ministry with his Church home. His Global Prayer line, The Morning Manna Prayer Call, reaches thousands of believers daily.

Reginald Stinson’s career path to entrepreneurship began in 2006. He has become a sought-after coach, leader and expert in Direct Sales. In 2014, he was voted #1 Internet Marketer in the world, earned over 7 figures, and led 30 families to producing 6 figure incomes due to his leadership within the direct sales opportunities he has been a part of.

Senior Forex Analyst

Emanuel Thomas

Emanuel was born & raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia in the city of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. He first discovered the Forex market back in 2014 from his older brother Antoine who’s like his entrepreneurial partner in crime!

Emanuel and his brother would always present new business ideas to each other aka “shiny objects” and eventually end up losing money, but they enjoyed the thrill of the grind!

At the end of the day they both believed in the road less traveled and knew there had to be a way out of the “Rat Race” of society. So needless to say, when Emanuel brother presented Forex to him, his eyes lit up and was ALL IN from that moment forward.

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